What a Travel Guide can Tell You

There are many cities and countries that are worth exploring, but as a foreigner, you don’t know the way. There is a chance that you get lost and miss some important tourist attractions and sightseeing hotspots that your holiday destination has to offer. That is why a guidebook, such as the ones published by Lonely Planet Publications, can be useful. But what can such a guidebook tell you? How can you use it to find your way in a city? What kind of tips, tricks and nice things to do might such a book be able to tell you? And in short: how useful will a guidebook be for you as a traveller? Because many people go on holiday within the next few months, we would like to tell you a bit more about these useful little books. Maybe you’ll be interested enough to take one or two with you when you go on holiday yourself.


What is a Guidebook?
A guidebook is a useful little book that people can take with them on holiday. You can use the guidebook to find your way around a city. It contains all sorts of useful information about, for example, Berlin, London, Paris, Singapore, Rome, New York or any other major city. And there are also guidebooks that focus on countries. So if you go to Ireland, Thailand, China or any other destination, you can see the most important sightseeing attractions in a country.


What Does a Guidebook contain?
A guidebook contains all kinds of useful information about a city, area or country. They can show you what the main attractions in a city are. They’ll tell you about the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, London Bridge and all the things you just have to see before you leave a city. The guidebook can contain routes that you can walk. These routes show you all kinds of unique, authentic places. You will get the real feel of the city if you walk through authentic streets, typical neighbourhoods and other places that show the city as it really is for the people who live in it. You can also find routes and directions for all sorts of useful places. Hotels and other establishments are examples of these places. Often, these guidebooks also contain a variety of restaurants where you can eat. Often, these restaurants and bars are places that you would never have discovered by yourself. And sometimes they can inform you of useful places to rent a car or bike. In addition to all these useful things, a guidebook also tells you about the history of the city and its historic buildings.


Useful For Travellers
You can study the guidebook at home and prepare for your trip. You can plan what you want to see and do while you’re staying in a city or country. You can also take the guidebook with you. Then, the guidebook will prove to be your own personal guide that you can consult whenever you want.


So a guidebook might be a good idea for any holiday. Check out your local bookstore or travel agency for some useful guidebooks.